"You know, you should be a comedian." "How many times have I heard that from
7-Eleven owners, chinese laundry attendants, and little old Polish ladies with garlic breath," confessed Frankie Hudak.

Before he even knew he was a rising star, Frankie entertained people wherever he went, the world was his stage, and he was determined to make people laugh... even if they didn't understand English! The birthplace of Frankie's love for ethnic humour was a family owned butcher shop in a mixed ethnic neighborhood of New York. Growing up, Frankie mimicked the various accents and dialects of the patrons. But, it was the day he added his own insight into "life at the butcher shop," that a star was to be born.

In his travels, Frankie has come across some interesting characters that would be funny enough on their own, but when you meet them through Frankie, they become a hilarious twist on reality. Frankie has been said to have more accents and characters than the United Nations, but what you don't expect from these characters is what has given him the cult following he so richly deserves.

"Everybody has an alter ego, a side of them that no one is aware of, this is what I give to my characters that makes them so animated." And give it to them is what he does!

Frankie has made an impressive mark as a high energy, stand-up comedian who has been called by those who know him best as "a modern day Andy Kaufman.”
To appreciate the fast paced style that is Frankie Hudak, you have to listen carefully or you just might miss something.

His style is similar to that of Robin Williams; a wild ride on a comedy roller coaster that takes you to the outer limits of his imagination. Frankie's amazing versatility as a total performer has remained the key to his success.

Frankie has appeared at various comedy clubs and resorts throughout the New York Tri-State area, as well as internationally.

"Comedy makes light of our differences, through comedy, we see our differences for what they are ... insignificant."