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“What Just Happened?” Six Miles Above the Earth

IKA Media Announces Original In-Flight Comedy Show

NEW YORK, NY- July 14, 2004, New York comedian Frankie Hudak is bringing big laughs to the ‘airwaves’ and we do mean ‘AIR waves’ with his new in-flight comedy show What Just Happened? Making his seat-back debut, Frankie Hudak will share his loveable offbeat man-on-the street comedy with thousands of airline passengers each day.

What Just Happened? will premiere August 1st, 2004 on Continental Airlines’ “Continental Presents: Independent Films Channel” on all domestic and international Widebody 767/777 flights.

“The idea for What Just Happened? came out of all the crazy stories Frankie would share with me on a daily basis,” explains Ian Karr, President of IKA Media, the production house responsible for bringing the show to ‘air.’ “Frankie’s comedy appeals to everyone, he’s charming, and silly… he can get anyone to do almost anything. After a run in with Frankie you can’t help but ask yourself, ‘What just happened?’”

Scenes from “What Just Happened?” include: Frankie coaxing New Yorkers to skip down the middle of Times Square, Frankie impersonating a Russian News Reporter and Frankie eliciting surprising responses in one segment called, ”Is there something in my eye?”

“I love people. I love getting people to look at life in different way, to see the lighter side of things”, Frankie Hudak confesses. “When I see someone walking down the street with a serious or sad look on their face, I just want to give them a break from whatever it is they are thinking about and have a good laugh.”

Laughs are certainly something Hudak, a second generation Hungarian/Native New Yorker is familiar with. He has been performing as a stand-up for the last ten years. “It’s not something I’ve always wanted to do but something I’ve always HAD to do. Some people see the world as their oyster, I see it as a giant banana peel.”

“We’ve been producing in-flight content for 15 years and are committed to providing programming that enhances the in-flight experience,” adds IKA’s Karr, “The multi-channel technology aboard Continental aircraft has made it possible to offer customers many entertainment choices. Now, in addition to blockbuster releases, Continental customers will be exposed to something they’ve never seen before: Frankie Hudak. Frankie and those little bags of peanuts were made for each other.

What Just Happened? will be a monthly installment, with new episodes ‘airing’ each month.